Student Releases Danger Planet, An Animated Short

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Justin Burks, a recent animation graduate from the School of Visual Art and Design has just finished his short film, Danger Planet. Check it out on Vimeo!

During a routine scan on a distant planet, a young space scout finds romance with a female pilot. But when peril strikes the two star-crossed explorers, he must face what lurks in the darkness of the planet to rescue the girl.

Making Of Featurette-

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Danger Planet is an animated short created by students at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. This 4 minute student animation was finished primarily in a summer after over a year of preproduction.

Justin Burks, Danny Cooper, Andrew Lopez, Chris Wombold, Brandon Bailie, Stephanie Miranda, Aaron Adams, Yannick Amegan, Cassidy Stone, Gareath Murray, Christine Turner, Beau Sherman, Matt Kidd


Danger Planet from Justin Burks on Vimeo.