RED Epic Dragon Upgrade

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Scarlet to Epic

Recently Epic our RED camera had a new sensor installed called ‘Dragon’. This sensor adds three additional F stops, new color science, and more dynamic range. This helps in situations with too little or too much light, and handles the raw 6k data stream in a more manageable and aesthetically pleasing way. That means less image noise and time spent color-correcting!

Chris Stiles, as part of a crew with SVAD productions, covered the Ironman Triathlon with our upgraded RED camera, as well as another RED Scarlet camera that has the previous Mysterium X sensor. This gave us a chance to look at all the differences side-by-side. Above, we can see that improved color science gave excellent contrast, vibrance, and accuracy to the Dragon shots. Jumping the resolution from 4k to 6k, the grain amount and image noise is taken down for a much clearer image. Even though the lighting is different between these shots above, it’s not hard to see the difference between the two sensors is night and day.