Prolific Justinen Illustration Duo Demos at SVAD

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Lars and Kim Justinen, owners of the Justinen Creative Group based in Nampa, Idaho, recently conducted a 2 session digital illustration workshop at Southern’s School of Visual Art and Design.
The Justinens and their studio staff have produced literally thousands of illustrations for books and magazines for over 25 years. They also own and operate Good Salt, a leading national stock image company that
specializes in inspirational images from a variety of illustrators.
During the opening Thursday night session Lars Justinen demonstrated his patented digital illustration technique using COREL PAINTER,—doing on the spot demos as he explained his proceedure and digital brush selections .
Graphic Design and Animation students were exposed to new eye-opening techniques and trade secrets from a leading pro in the digital illustration world. The following morning he followed up with an additional demo and further tips.
The workshop was especially timely for students in Giselle Hasel’s illustration class and brought into focus the power of COREL PAINTER as a tool for today’s aspiring artists. Though Justinen’s digital technique combines COREL and Photoshop to achieve his distinctive painterly results, he is also a long standing traditional painter and illustrator in oils, watercolor, and acrylics. Lars’s work has been awarded in the prestigious SI New York Society of Illustration Annuals and Communication Arts Magazine.
The Justinens have produced a plethora of illustrations covering both the inspirational and secular markets during their busy careers. Kim’s work is familiar to students through her many illustrations featured in Little Friend, Primary Treasure Magazines, and the popular ‘Detective Zack” book series. Having visiting demos from such industry pros is a great opportunity for SVAD students and a feature gallery show featuring Lars’s paintings is on schedule at SVAD for the coming year.
Lars and Kim’s daughter Hannah is now attending SVAD as an Animation major.