New: Canon C100

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Canon C100

We are excited to announce that the newest addition to our fleet of cameras is the Canon C100, and so far it’s been a big hit with those of us in the department. Chris Styles, in SVAD Productions, has had some experience with our new camera. “After using the C100 and seeing what you can do with it, I really think it’s the perfect documentary-style camera,” he says. “It’s a combination of ergonomics and features you’d expect on an ENG-style camera, but paired with a Super 35mm Sensor that would be found on a cinema camera.” Having features like built-in neutral density filters and XLR inputs, Chris finds, is really important for documentary and adventure filmmaking. Currently, Chris is on a shoot for Allstate using the camera. “You’re in good hands with the C100.”

The Canon C100 is the latest addition to the Cinema EOS family. Its Super 35mm CMOS Sensor allows excellent depth of field control and dynamic range, better light sensitivity with less noise in lower light, and full HD 1920×1080. The DIGIC DV III Image Processor delivers exceptional image quality at high speeds. The Canon C100 records at 24Mbps using AVCHD codec, which is the standard codec for Blueray. All of these features come in a portable, easy-to-use interface, and you can rent the Canon C100 in Ledford Hall.