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Jason Dull, an animation alumni, has officially released his final project here at SVAD entitled Nameless! The short has already gathered 13k views over the past two weeks on CGBros YouTube channel to a very positive reception.

Here’s what Jason has to say about the project and the journey to completion.

The goal started out small. Make a simple one minute animated short in a six month time span to showcase my animation skills before graduating college. But as all animated productions seem to go, the rule of KISS (keep it simple, stupid) was thrown out the window early on. The new goal was to make an animated short like nothing anyone had ever seen before. A short that moved people. A short that balanced my religious views with entertainment. A short that wasn’t too preachy, but if viewers were curious about it, it would spark them to ask the question, “What does it mean?”

The goal turned into something too big for one animator to take on in such a short time span. Six months turned into fifteen months, and one minute turned into three-and-a-half.  Everything that was supposed to be simple turned into “How can I make this more complicated and beautiful?” Months into production the story wasn’t coming together, art direction was going nowhere, and friends that wanted to help out were struggling to find the time. The whole project turned into a long perseverance test. I can recall during school finals week laying on the floor of the animation lab at 4:00am at Southern Adventist University about to vomit from stress. Nameless wasn’t even halfway done and I was a couple days away from graduating. The whole year seemed to be a waste after pouring hundreds of hours of my life and soul into this project.

I could have just stopped working on it after that.  Graduation happened, I had no more deadlines, no more assignments, and I could have just put it to rest and moved on. But I decided to persevere.  After all, it would be a good learning experience. Maybe I could even put it on my demo reel.

Now, eight months after graduating, Nameless is finally finished. It has its flaws, its strange moments, even the name came from the fact that I was never able to come up with a title. But I think it turned out to be something special that I hope viewers find to be entertaining. Nameless is the story of a man persevering to find the solution to his problem, artistically designed by a man persevering to create something meaningful, and I hope people will latch on to that.