Font Designer Robbie de Villiers Visits SVAD Typography Class

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Award-winning graphic designer Robbie de Villiers from the Wilton Foundary paid a visit to Associate Professor Ed Guthero’s Typography class to discuss his insights on typography and critique the class’s font designs. It was a special opportunity for students to get one-on-one comments from a master typographer. Robbie has won 2 Clio design awards and has 19 international Clio award nominations. Internationally recognized for Design Excellence in both Europe and the US, Robbie has worked for such diverse clients as Kraft Foods, Johnson and Johnson, Sea World, Random House Publishing, GE Capitol, Hanes hosiery, and Pepsi.

He recently worked on the celebrated ChaType design, which gave the city of Chattanooga, TN the honor of having the first corporate custom city typeface in the country. In recent years Robbie moved to the Chattanooga area from Connecticut. Robbie did an overview presentation to the Typography class explaining his personal typographic philosophy and then went around to each student in the class and personally critiqued their font design, offering comments and suggestions. In advance, for about 4 weeks , the students had been working on designing and developing a complete original type font —featuring character sets, upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, punctuation, etc.

Robbie de Villiers operates the Wilton Foundry, a custom font design business as well as Robbie de Villiers Design. Some of de Villier’s  current fonts include: Unio, Beurre, Pagina, Oslo, Atto, Chatype, and Marcus. Students interested in viewing and/or purchasing the many Wilton Foundry fonts can do so at Wilton Foundry Fonts are also available through “My Fonts” and “Font Spring” font distribution sites.