EliOli visit SVAD

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SVAD enjoyed a recent visit from the dynamic duo, EliOli, Elena and Olivia Ceballos. The twin sisters are production designers at DreamWorks TV currently working on Veggietales In The House. They were accompanied by Beau Sherman, production coordinator for Big Idea. The three were happy to talk to the students about their roles in the studio environment. EliOli described their influences and their shortlived background in traditional education. The sisters discussed their process and love for the 2D digital medium.

After a short overview demo of their work and design process for characters, sets, and props on Veggietales, the sisters took turns demo-ing a live painting session in front of the students. The first demo centered on their approach to character design and painting. The second demo featured the buildup of an environment painting. They also answered several questions the students had in regards to their style, studio role, studio life, deadlines, and online presence.

SVAD was happy to have EliOli hang out for an afternoon! You can view more of their awesome work here and here!