Elegy Online Release

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 In an abandoned foundry, a young girl wanders alone. She clutches tightly to an ancient coin as she treks toward a mysterious doorway. Elements assault her, testing her resolve. She fights howling winds, earthquakes, and supernatural fire before finally confronting the unknown transformation that lies beyond the threshold.

Update: Elegy has now been selected as an official Daily Short Pick at Filmshortage.com! Check out the selection here!

Writer, director, and editor Nicholas Livanos lost his dad in January of 2015. Reckoning with the passing meant wading through his father’s history of flaws and faults, including hellish experiences in the Vietnam War. With his hands full of loose ends, Livanos funneled his questions into Elegy.

What does it mean to have hope in the face of the unknown? How does forgiveness work if you can’t forgive yourself? What role does religious belief play in these questions? What’s the significance of God using a “still small voice?”

Elegy hinges on strong visuals, poetic narration, practical (non­CG) effects, and a story that leaves room for interpretation. There’s a certain visceral quality to a girl battling gale force winds, earthquakes, and fiery explosions. There’s a weight to the coin, doorway, and transformation. Livanos hopes viewers will enjoy the spectacle but also ask themselves why each detail matters.

The fantasy/art short played to open the annual “End Of Year Show” at the Southern Adventist University School of Visual Art & Design where Livanos teaches film production. The opening film is a chance to give inspiration back to the students and set the tone for the upcoming year.

The on­set crew was made up almost entirely of students, aside from three faculty members in leadership roles.

Read the full poem here.

Assaulted by raging elements, a lone wanderer treks toward a mysterious doorway.