David Bossert visits from Disney

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Dave Bossert, one of Hendel’s colleagues from Disney stopped by SVAD recently. Dave is currently the creative head of special projects at Disney and has produced, directed, and animated vfx for the studio over the past 30 years. He spent an afternoon answering questions from animation and film majors about his experiences and sprinkled tips on how to conduct one’s self in a professional environment. His stories stressed the importance of maintaining good relationships with fellow professionals, learning from failures without becoming discouraged, being proactive about seeking out what excites you and being resolute about figuring things out on a challenging assignment. In recent years Dave has been documenting some of the studio’s history and techniques. This has taking him down the road of writing books and producing projects, one of which he showed everyone titled “The Tunes Behind the Toones” which explores the influence of music in animated films.



Photo: d23.com

Dave was very impressed with Southern and particularly with SVAD as he walked around and looked at student work. He kindly sent the animators a leather covered journal with Disney’s special projects logo embossed on the cover as a good will gesture. Everyone enjoined receiving the surprise gift and look forward having more professionals like Dave over for a visit.

-Hendel Butoy