Campion Academy Film Workshop Success!

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A few months ago, the film program was brainstorming ways to nurture and build relationships with Adventist academies that were trying to build film programs. They were also looking for a way to retire older film gear. Senior film student, Zach Kast, suggested that they donate one of Ledford’s aging Panasonic HVX200 cameras to his high school, Campion Academy, located in Lovelond, CO. David George considered the proposal and soon the donation turned into a full-blown two-day workshop excursion to Campion.

16 eager students filled up the slots for the workshop at Campion, filled mostly by seniors and juniors although a few underclassmen were in the mix as well. First the students were introduced to the various cameras and shown how to operate them. After learning a bit of the technical jargon, the floor opened up to discussing story theory and why bother to make films in the first place. Then the students were split into groups of four and tasked with creating a short documentary film. The students had to shoot footage, capture sound, edit, and finally present their work on the evening of the second day in front of their peers and family. It really raised the stakes for the academy students when they knew their work would be on display alongside work done by current SAU film students.


Mark Comberiate, of SVAD Produtions and SAU film alumni, hands the retired HVX200 to Steve Eickmann, Campion’s technology director, capping off the workshop experience. They were so excited to be able to use a camera to help show students how positive film-making can impact people.

“It was a huge success,” David George remarked about how the entire trip had gone, “it far exceeded expectations and was a mountain top experience.”

There are plans to visit Spencerville Adventist Academy in Maryland and put on a similar workshop. David George stated that he’d love to expand the workshops and hopefully reach out to more academies next semester.

The Film Department would love to give a huge thank you to Jenny Sigler and Steve Eickmann from Campion for helping facilitate and coordinate the workshop as well as to Adam Brown from Enrollment Services who made the Colorado trip possible.

You can read more about Campion’s experience here!