Buzzfeed Design Director Dennis Huynh Visits Graphic Design Students

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Before spring break, the Graphic Design department was given a unique opportunity by Dennis Huynh (prounounced “win”), who is the Design Director at Buzzfeed is a popular news and entertainment website, but before Buzzfeed, Mr. Huynh worked for Cincinatti Magazine, Cooking Light, Tennis Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly. He graduated from Walla Walla University and has over 10 years of editorial experience.

He visited SVAD to host a workshop that focused on developing a proof-of-concept feature article (2 spreads, 4 pages) as a part of pitching an idea for a fictitious new magazine. The workshop took place over 2 1/2 days giving the students an idea of the fast-paced deadline driven professional work environment involved with editorial design, as well as design in general.

The Senior and Junior classes enrolled in Senior Design Studio or the Editorial classes were required to attend the workshop although any grade level could participate. About 20 students started the 2-day workshop and 16 were able to complete the short-order challenge. The students worked furiously and pulled late hours to create a 4 page minimum feature article layout with accompanying digital version to provide an idea of how the content could translate to web and digital delivery.

Mr. Huynh felt the students did well. He critiqued all the work and gave advice to each student on how to improve their work to make it portfolio ready. Dennis awarded five students for their designs with Buzzfeed SWAG (moleskins, hats, etc…). Two of which he felt had gone above and beyond.

The workshop wasn’t the only oppurtunity students had to interact with Dennis. He also held a Thursday morning convocation where he talked to the graphic design and Journalism/mass comm students about his past work experience, the editorial world, work flow, necessary work ethic and design process.

Check out a highlight photo gallery from the workshop here!