BigHero6 Presentation

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We’ve all been looking forward to the release of BigHero6, the latest feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Aaron Adams was the character effects supervisor on the show and came out to be with us on opening day. Aaron is a former animation professor, and SVAD alum. He went to work at Disney about four and a half years ago where he worked on Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, and Frozen before moving to leadership with BH6.


Aaron sat in on classes for a couple days leading up the screening. We got into the details of setting up and simulating cloth and hair for the effects class. He gave notes on in-process models for character design, and Aaron and Jim Turner gave detailed story notes to the sophomore class before providing individual critiques for the upperclassmen.

Friday morning, we all piled into the bus and went to a special screening of BH6.


After Aaron did a detailed breakdown of BH6, Cassidy Stone (Floyd Co Productions), Beau Sherman(Big Idea), and Jim Turner(Disney Toon) shared their stories in a panel discussion. We heard how each of them found their way from SVAD to their current job and they shared how to approach school to get the most out of the experience.

As an added bonus, Melissa Caldwell (Mikros Image) came down a couple days later to talk about her work on ‘The Little Prince’ with the effects and character classes.

Thank you all for coming!