Best of BA Gallery Showing

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The gallery’s latest showing, Best of BA, is a culmination of the best work from Bachelors of Art students. Almost of all of the work on display was created by upperclassmen BA students. Bachelors of Art students are not required to present a gallery showing, while the Bachelors of Fine Art students are. However, the BA students wanted to present their work and decided that a gallery showing would be cool to do! Giselle Hasel helped facilitate the show and the gallery display. The artwork splays a wide range of talents and mediums, including 3d sculptures, graphite pencil portraits, mixed media collages, and paintings.

Courtney Manning, a senior BA major, shared a little about her head sculptures and the process behind it. The display itself is based on Roman architecture, revealed through the white podiums and red bodypaint backdrop, creating a monolithic composition. The busts themselves are inspired by the ancient sculptors who modeled figures such as Caesar and Nero. The busts were all created in unique ways, one of which was through a 3D printer. Courtney took several photographs of her friend’s head, scanned them, and created a digital representation of their head. She then divided the digital head into layers and sent it a computerized saw that cut the pieces out. She finished the busts with an application of plaster gauze. The busts have a great deal of meaning to Courtney, sharing that her art was a way to therapy herself when confronted with personal issues.

For many of the artists, it was the first public show where they had exhibited their work. Discussing their work with the show’s attendees was a positive and enlightening experience for the artists who could attend the show.

The show will only be on display for a few more days, so stop in and check out the amazing artwork!