Animation Graduate works on “The Little Prince”

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Melissa Caldwell at her office at Mikros Image

Melissa Caldwell, 2013 recently began work at Mikros Image in Montreal after about a year of working for SVAD-Productions. She took a few minutes to chat about what she’s working on.

The project I am working on is The Little Prince, based off the book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Its being directed by Mark Osborne (Kung-Fu Panda). The Little Prince is the story of an aviator who crash lands in the desert. He meets a strange boy claiming to be a Prince of a lowly asteroid. The prince tells the aviator the story of how he came to earth. There’s not much more I can say about the project as its very hush-hush.

My job as a rigging artist consists of creating functional rigs for the animators, as well as running hair and cloth simulations after animation is completed. For now, I am working on rigging background characters with various designs. As more animation is completed, I will transition to hair and cloth.

I really enjoy living in Montreal. I work in the middle of Old Montreal. The architecture has a very strong European influence. Seeing all the architecture makes my walk to work fun. Many of the crew members come from Paris and speak French. Although everyone speaks varying degrees of English, I hear very little English everyday. Everyone is nice and the atmosphere reminds me of Brock.  The cold certainly is miserable, but if you bundle up enough you’ll be ok. When I landed in Montreal, it was -17 felt like -30. It hasn’t been that cold sense, but the temperature fluctuates from 0 to 20.

I am so excited to be working on a feature film. Working on productions during and after school helped make my transition to the work environment easier. Its fun working with so many professionals who have come from all over the world and from acclaimed studios. Each person brings a unique experience to the table. It’s a lot of work making a short film with 4 – 15 people. But making a full-length feature is way more work then a short, but now you have 100 or so people all working towards the same goal. Each and every person is at the top of their game. With this many people, all focused together, the Little Prince will be something I am proud to work on.

Melissa Caldwell also made a significant contribution to “Rock in the Road“, you can read more about it here.