Alumnus Stewart Rosburg presents to Motion Design Hopefuls

Posted by on Dec 11, 2016 in Animation | No Comments

img_7558Stewart Rosburg, an SVAD graduate, recently met with freelance hopefuls to answer questions on what it’s like to be a freelance motion designer after school. Stewart became interested in motion design in high school and always knew that it was something he wanted to make a career out of. He was a proactive student–he didn’t wait to be fed information, but took control of his education and forged a path for himself. He took a specialized track that combined elements of animation and graphic design and started freelancing during his junior year of college.

He finds the principles of animation to be the most helpful out the animation classes that he took. He notices in his field that his competitors have basic knowledge of animation principles but haven’t studied them as much as what SVAD’s courses required of him.

He offers this advice to students looking to do freelance work.

  • Do not underprice yourself, it will be hard to charge the proper price for your work if clients see that you undercharged in the past.
  • Maintaining trust between yourself and a client takes time, but is worth it. Clients will be more likely to pay you what you ask for if they trust in your ability.
  • Do research about the client and the project that they need done. The more research you do and the more prepared you are in your pitch, the more likely a client will be willing to hire you.